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Like look at this


It looks like Suga tried to trust fall on Rapmon but Rapmon dropped him and he took out a whole row of groceries but tried to play it off with a #swag pose

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 From sexy to cute in a matter of seconds

From sexy to cute in a matter of seconds

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Jongdae talking about the graffiti in Germany

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Degrassi #Lost In The Woods # Aislinn Paul #Luke Bilyk #Munro Chambers

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grab & thrust

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cute Jongdae at the end of the photoshoot in the park

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Vic flirted with Amber + the llama got embarrassed and ran off the scene.

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Onew: Ah! ^▽^ 

Jonghyun: *deep voice* AHHHHHHH. ㅎㅅㅎ

2min: *greeting and harassing ghosts* ^^;; ㅍ_ㅍ


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figdeting hands

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My favorite Couples ......( JongKey ) .

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